Rihanna Not Convinced Chris Brown, Drake Were Fighting Over Her

via GQ

It’s inevitable that Chris Brown’s name will pop up in any full-length interview Rihanna agrees to, but in her new GQ feature, writer Jay Bulger actually took the chance to ask about that brawl between Brown and Drake this past summer. Her name was immediately thrown around as a reason for the fight, but she’s not so sure about that.

An account of events from the tumultuous night revealed that bottles were thrown when Chris Brown sent champagne over to Drake’s table, and he responded with a note that read, ā€œIā€™m f—ing the love of your life.ā€ Bulger paints the 24-year-old star as Helen of Troy (the woman at the center of the Trojan War) while addressing the situation, but Rihanna doesn’t seem to agree.

“There’s no proof of that being for my love. That’s my answer to that question,” she responded, bluntly. Still, her flirtatious relationship with Brown is well-highlighted in the feature. See the excerpt below:

Chris Brown brashly stands on top of his bench in the neighboring booth. He and Rihanna start tossing flirtatious glances like kids passing notes in middle-school math class. The smirks and the playfulness continue until they’re dancing with each other from afar. Then, out of mock frustration, Brown climbs over the top of the booth. A mischievous tingle of controversy vibrates through the club.

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