Kanye West Goes Lady Gaga In Alantic City!

Kanye has given us quite a few “What is he wearing moments?” during the span of his career, but last night he took things to all new heights at Revel in Atlantic City. While performing at the first of three pre-New Years Eve shows, he stepped out on stage dressed in all white with a feathered mask. Later in the show, he turned it up a few more notches after he emerged wearing a Maison Martin Margiela Haute Couture Diamond mask.

I may be in the minority, but I can appreciate the imagery, no matter how insane it looks. Michael Jackson became known as one of the greatest entertainers because his stage shows –including the outfits and choreography– were visually stimulating. The same goes for Andre 3000 during his The Love Below era. Unfortunately, nowadays, you aren’t gonna get much bang for your buck visually out of a Hip Hop show. There’s normally the artist, his DJ, his hypeman (if he has one) and maybe a few guest appearances but overall, visually, it’s hardly ever memorable or iconic. People are afraid to try new things because most would rather be put in a box than criticized for their creativity.

Below there is an 8-minute clip of the beginning of the show. In the footage, Kanye utilized a panoramic screen to make it appear as though it was snowing inside the building. You can actually hear someone say, “What the f-ck” [which is pretty funny] as he emerges on stage in the feathered mask.

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