50 CENT Confirms Ciara WAS INVOLVED In His Chelsea Handler BREAK-UP

Rapper 50 Cent made an appearance on Howard Stern’s Sirius radio show where he revealed the role Ciara played in his break-up with Chelsea Handler and talked about working with Michael Jackson and why he won’t reunite with The Game.  Listen to the interview inside….

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On Chelsea Handler:

Howard asked him how he felt about Chelsea saying that her White friends thought it was hilarious that they dated. 50 said he never felt like they treated him any different because he was Black. He said once she and her friends got to know “Curtis” and saw beyond his “gangsta image”, he got along nicely with her friends. He said he had a lot in common with her friends as many of them were successful in their own right and involved in television.

In bed, he called her “Gator” explaining that you have to hold a “gator” down because they are all over the place. He insinuated that they were both very hands-on during bed.  Oh. He would not say if he “loved” her and when Howard interrupted and asked him if he’d ever had anal sex with Chelsea, 50 said (jokingly) that Howard had pushed the limit too far and he’d never return to the show.

On how Ciara played a role in their break-up:

It was revealed previously (by Chelsea) that Chelsea dumped 50 because he called to complain prior to Ciara’s appearance on her show and she felt that was very “8th grade.”  50 said he felt like he should warn Chelsea that Ciara was still calling him so she would be aware of any tension.  Chelsea saw it as being childish and decided to cut ties with him.

On reuniting with The Game:

50 said that The Game started acting different as soon as his first week album sales came back. He feels like Game felt he needed to get from under his shadow to be taken seriously, so he “created” a public beef so he would never been seen as simply a protege. Sounds like he learned that move from 50.  He added that there will never be a reunion and said he NEVER did anything wrong to him.

On Michael Jackson:

He told Howard that working with MJ on “Monstor” was one of the highlights of his career. MJ told him he felt that their record together was his new “Thriller”. He said the MJ team reached out to him and he recorded his vocals in the booth, but never actually met him. Although, they did have a telephone conversation.

So there you have it.

By the way, 50 also had his ex, Shaniqua, ordered off the upcoming TLC show “Starter Wives” due to their teen son being involved.  Guess we won’t be getting that dirt.

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