DJ Envy & His Pregnant Wife On The Rocks….Or Is It A Reality Show Ploy?

Charlamagne da God went in on his own co-host this morning on The Breakfast Club. And after giving DJ Envy the Donkey of the Day, Envy revealed some marital issues that are raising a few eyebrows. Deets inside…

Charlamane loves to give out Donkeys of the day to those celebs who deserve it, but when he put hi own co-host in that pot of donkey water today, things got a bit real.

Apparently, Envy’s fallen off a bit, according to his co-hosts, on his job. He’s not focusing properly, mispronouncing words, and supposedly making mixes that aren’t that great. Again, this was all said by his own co-hosts so it could just be exaggerated jest. But Charlamagne an Angela said that Envy had red and watery eyes while being read his act this morn. So there must be more to his story on why he’s not at his best as of late.


Envy then revealed:

“I been with my wife [Gia Casey–pictured above] for 18 years. And sometimes you don’t treat the person you been with, well. You treat them like they’re always there. And it’s been a point where I treated my wife like ish. It’s the small things you don’t do anymore.”

After coming back from a break, Envy explained further that he has not been spending proper quality time with his wife lately. And now that she’s pregnant, it’s even more important. Envy said he’s been buying her gifts in place of putting in that time, and he’s sorry for that.

So Envy proceeded to call his wife, on the air, to apologize. And tell her she’s the Queen of his world.

Some folks are skeptical though, asking whether this was all just made up friction. Mainly because both Envy and his wife are rumored to be possible new cast members of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” or another reality show.

There were also cheating rumors in the past about the couple, seeing that Envy spends most nights of the week DJ’ing in strip clubs and parties all around the tri-state area. But this was not mentioned specifically on today’s show. So was all of this just a front for reality tv?

Time will tell….

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