Frank Ocean POPPED For Marijuana Possession! (Better Had Been Some Loud!!!)

Frank Ocean had a really eventful New Year’s Eve. He spent it smoked out…and almost locked up. Deets inside on the singer getting popped for marijuana possession after getting caught speeding in Cali….

Monday of this week, “Pink Matter” crooner Frank Ocean was pulled over for speeding in Mono County, CA. And it was thanks to some green matter in his pocket that got him into even more trouble.

Police pulled over his black BMW for going 90 in a 65. But when officers caught the odor of weed pouring out of the vehicle, they checked his person, and found a small bag of pot.

He luckily missed out on being taken to jail as cops released him on the spot. But he was cited for marijuana possession, driving on a suspended license, and tinted windows. No “suspicious or sexual behavior” as other sites reported.

His passenger had to drive him home since the cops confiscated his license. He better had been smoking LOUD!

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