Kanye West HEADLINES The Governors Ball + Kat Stacks RETURNS With NEW BOOTY Pics & ANNOUNCES Celibacy!

Camera loving celebs Kanye West and Kat Stacks are back in the spotlight.  Kanye will be headlining the Governors Ball this summer while Kat is posting new pics and videos.  Get more deets inside….

For the past few months it seems like Kanye has made more headlines as Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend/baby daddy than as a musician…but that will soon change.  The “Clique” rapper has signed on to headline the upcoming Governors Balls in NYC on Randall’s Island from June 7-9.  He will be joined by Kings of Leon, Nas, Beach House, Grizzly Bear, Dinosaur Jr., Japandroids, and Feist.  And while he mentally preps for the concert, Kanye is currently in Paris for Fashion Week where he’s sitting on all the front rows…

And guess who’s back……

 photo katstackpisdde_zpsf14f262e.jpg

The vixen formerly known as Kat Stacks (now going by Andrea Herrera) is back with a few new booty shots and a new outlook on life. Andrea is now being managed by “Q” of World Star Hip Hop and tweeted that she’s turning over a new leaf…and that includes no sex.  She said, “I’ve been celibate for over 2 years & will remain that way for my husband.”

Mind you….most, if not all of that time, was spent behind bars for issues stemming from her immigration status…but whatevs.

And Kat (we mean Andrea) is back to making videos…but now she is talking about her life experiences (not rappers).

Watch Andrea discuss how pressure from the media got her out of jail:

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