2013 GRAMMY AWARDS Highlights & Leftovers–Who We Missed On The Carpet, Hov Drinks D’Usse From His Grammy, An Awkward Breezy & Frank Ocean Moment & More!

The GIFs and the ish that happens away from the stage is what makes suffering through a three and a half hour award show worth it.  Check out our fave highlights from last night’s 2013 GRAMMY AWARDS, and the folks we missed in our first red carpet sweep, inside…

The awkwardness was at a semi-high last night as Frank Ocean beat out Chris Brown for the Best Urban Contemporary Album.  And, with his his hand still bandaged from their alleged “fight” at the studio a few weeks ago, he had to walk past Breezy who sat on he front row in order to accept the award.

Everyone in the audience gave a standing ovation….Chris stayed seated.  But we don’t really blame him  He still was a good sport and clapped for the guy.  What more can you expect when he says he’s being falsely accused by Frank of hitting him?  Still….it was the talk of Twitter.  And GIF land.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-11at50035PM_zps0ce8fe14.png

Chris & Rihanna were also on everybdy’s radar as they snuggled up in the audience–after walking the carpet separately–four years after the incident.

 photo JenniferLopez55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsShowUkwODR6b1RVl_zps5e546327.jpg

Jay-Z and Drake had to catch their breath and adjust their suit and ties after J.lo walked out on stage damn near giving folks the Holy Ghost in her sexy Anthony Vaccarello dress. She trumped Angelina’s “Jolie leg” with this hotness. And this is how the cameras caught the fellas reacting int he audience:


Speaking of Hov, he said bump a red cup, he’s drinking his own D’Usse Cognac out of one of his 3 brand new Grammys.  Literally.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-11at120017PM_zps66ce8001.png photo ScreenShot2013-02-11at115957AM_zps58914f5b.png

Gotta love the press room flicks.

 photo dWI3dkn_zps9f79662e.gif

This Bey “sign” had folks all a-Twitter last night.  People said she was doing everything from throwing up gang signs to signaling the Illuminati to her own Bat Call.  Everybody calm down.  Host LL Cool J had just shouted out where certain celebs were from, and he mentioned Beyonce coming from Houston.  Like she has done many times before, she was signifying “3rd Ward”, the well known section of H-Town she was born and raised in.  Chill.

 photo adeleandbey_zpsfcf95476.jpg

And speaking of Bey, we loved the mutual love she and Adele were spotted sharing in the audience.  They’re self proclaimed stans for each other.

 photo BeyonceKnowles55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsooY_2JjOz79l_zps9f671bec.jpg

Sitting front row with Jay & Bey is always the fun place to be it seems.  Justin Timberlake and his new wife Jessica Biel hammed it up with the Carters before and after JT & Jay’s performance.

 photo BeyonceKnowles55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsRNyQ1wns0obl_zpsc15632e9.jpg

People got a kick out of Ellen and Bey’s introduction of JT’s performance.

 photo 55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsBackstageAudience50JMyqaJX-Ol_zps9828d895.jpg

And we got a kick out of Ellen salivating over Katy Perry’s boobs in that Gucci dress.

 photo Dream55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPressRoomc8BOF-0BuF8l_zps73533d38.jpg

The Dream got publicly played by Hov for his “SwapMeet” hat.  Ha!

 photo Prince55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsShow9hay6xaPX0Hl_zpsb8720dec.jpg

Prince shut everything down with his cane and shades as he hit the stage to present.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-11at12359PM_zps34b8234d.png

We missed Melanie Fiona on the carpet, but the Grammy nominee showed off her hot look from last night on Instagram.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-11at105142AM_zpsa6ec5daf.png

Producer Hit-Boy wore a Tom Ford Spring/Summer wool and silk cocktail jacket, black Faille tuxedo pants, purple liquid velvet evening slippers and purple liquid velvet bow tie.  And even copped and award for Best Rap Song, for his work as a producer on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “N****s in Paris”.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-11at115248AM_zps3d9a2388.png

Folks thought Kelly Clarkson clowned Miguel when she screamed into the mic when she won her award, “I don’t know who you are…but I want to work with you!”  She was just being a innocent self who likely really doesn’t know who Miguel is, but loved what she saw form his performance  She even tweeted a pic backstage with him to show her excitement.

 photo LupeFiasco55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsArrivalswlKuX1YGzE4l_zps364a2ce0.jpg

THIS is what Lupe Fiasco looked like last night.  We’re highly upset about it.

Bringing your mom as your date was the trend last night.  Questlove from the Roots did it, and so did Luke James and Frank Ocean:

  photo 55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsBackstageAudienceGmE6B2wnVe6l_zps1679bd2e.jpg photo LukeJames55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsRedCarpetxWfkhZdjEt7l_zps75cbb973.jpg

By the way, Luke rocked a suit by Devon Scott.

 photo 55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsBackstageAudience8PgngQq3cjwl_zpse2e6eef2.jpg

We can only guess what this convo was like.

 photo TamalaJones55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsArrivals8nMW7WKZ_aLl_zpsd04d90e8.jpg

How did Tamala Jones get in?

 photo 2Chainz55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsRedCarpetoIl-_LZMdT5l_zpsb435e6f6.jpg

Count 2 Chainz rocked his cape and embellishments on the carpet.

 photo FloRida55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsRedCarpetf7qc8mjvmNBl_zps266357db.jpg

Flo Rida brought his new artist Natalie along for the red carpet ride.

 photo RandyJackson55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsArrivalsa5VU0u_hBspl_zps9aeb7639.jpg

Randy Jackson brought his daughter Zoe with him as his date.  Pops rocked Angelo Galasso and Armani, while Zoe rocked a blue lace Tadashi number.

 photo SWVinMarquette_zpsc6fcd87a.jpeg

The Grammy nominated SWV–Tamara Johnson-George, Cheryl ‘Coko’ Clemons and Leanne ‘Lelee’ Lyons–wore custom gowns created by Philadelphia bred fashion designer, Ty’ron Perrin of the Marquette Collection.  And we’re loving the red, white and blue coordination.

 photo BCy8Z9GCcAI7NbOjpg_large_zps89770713.jpg

And Terrence J. hosted the E! afterparty show with “Vampire Diaries” actress Kat Graham and Lance Bass.  TJ rocked a gold 5001 flavors jacket, Gucci slacks, Ferragamo shoes, a Black Label Ralph Lauren shirt, his Lanvin bowtie and a Rolex on his wrist.  Kat Graham went blonde and rocked a gold George Chakra dress with Guiseppe shoes.

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