Beyonce Reveals 1-Year-Old Blue Ivy…. {SPOILER ALERT!}

 photo BDLIwlHCAAILWqA_zps85c1d0f6.jpg

All hail the princess.  Just kidding…kinda.  A pic of Beyonce with her and Jay-Z‘s baby girl Blue Ivy Carter just hit the net.  And it’s a full on reveal….

In her HBO documentary airing tomorrow night, “Life Is But A Dream,” Beyonce finally reveals Baby Blue.  Without the scarves…without the blankets…without the shadows.

But a pic from the documentary has leaked early this Friday evening.  And the internet streets are going nuts.

She’s changed a lot since her newborn days.  But she’s still the perfect mix of her mom and dad.

Check out the cutie above!

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