Cam’Ron Exposes Adrienne Bosh’s Past Groupie Behavior

After Lil Wayne announced on stage Sunday night that he smashed Chris Bosh‘s wife Adrienne….another rapper is exposing her past groupie behavior.

Check it inside….

Lil Wayne has opened a can of worms.  It’s no secret that Adrienne Bosh is well known for being on that groupie scene pretty hard–trying to get chose–a few years ago.  Chick lived in Atlanta’s VIP-section nightlife and modeled for your favorite booty magazines, including Smooth.

But once she finally landed her prize–an NBA baller–she flipped her image into a perfect little Stepford Wife.

But she’s not fooling folks like Cam’Ron who took Weezy’s announcement and ran with it.  The Dipset member posted the above throwback pic of Ms. Adrienne–before she met Bosh–and blasted her for getting it in with his homie.

My man @britishthetitan been had bosh wifey under wing b4 Wayne. Lol she use to be pissy drunk in my club in da Cincinnati

Side Note: Personally I think NBA wives are former hip hop groupies that couldnt lad the deal with the rappers because the lifestyles these men live . Versuses an NBA baller who needs an family for his pr image and to hold his fort down. IJS!

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