Jamie Foxx Leaves Kelly Rowland Embarrassed On The Oscars Red Carpet

Kelly Rowland was a few seconds from walking away from the Oscars with a date or a moving role yesterday, but it’s hard to tell which one.

Last night, she encountered an awkward moment when she had to interview Jamie Foxx, who was accompanied by his beautiful daughter Corinne. Kelly was serving as a guest correspondent on the Oscars red carpet, when she encountered Jamie who stopped to chat about how beautiful she was while admitting that he has always had a crush on her.

It seems as though Jamie may have been trying to offer her a role in a new short film in the midst of flirting but Kelly was too embarrassed to let him proceed further. His daughter’s expression was everything. “Oh lord, what is my dad about to say?”

Peep the video below:

Can we just take a second and recognize how stunning Jamie’s daughter is? Damn, he’s gonna have to get his shotgun out.

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