New Music: Elle Varner – Not Tonight

It’s no secret that Elle Varner is incredibly underrated. After snagging a Grammy nomination for her Top 10 R&B hit, “Refill,” she’s back with a new single titled “Not Tonight” from her debut album Perfectly Imperfect.   The track, perfectly highlights Elle’s sultry voice as she sings about a man that she’d love to approach but can not drum up enough courage to tell him how she feels inside.  On the chorus, she sings:

But maybe, maybe in another life
I could be the girl who walks up to the guy
And tells him, tells him how she feels inside
But, not tonight, no not tonight

We caught up with Elle last year and she revealed that the track is one of her favorites on the album while revealing that the song is about one of her former classmates at NYU.

I am so shy. The song, I actually wrote it about a guy that was in a class of mine for an entire semester and not once did I say ‘Hello’ to him.  You know when you are kind of obsessed with someone? Not obsessed, but you really like them. I had all this time to say something and I never did. I passed up the opportunity and it kind of broke my heart so that’s why the song is so emotional.


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