Vin Diesel Gets In His Feelings While Singing Rihanna’s “Stay”

If you are going through issues in your relationship, Rihanna’s latest single, “Stay” may take you to a deep dark place. The type of place that makes you want to wall-slide and drown in a puddle of your feelings. Yes, it’s that deep.

This past Valentine’s Day,  “Fast & Furious” actor Vin Diesel posted a video of himself singing Rihanna’s “Stay,” on his Facebook page while dedicating it to his fans. Although that particular song is one of the most depressing songs you can dedicate to someone on V-Day, the good news is that his vocals weren’t all that bad. He even hits a falsetto during the second verse and blows a kiss at the end.

Time Magazine called the rendition “bizarre” while Wet Paint described it as “either the greatest thing ever or the strangest.”

This may definitely creep Rihanna out if she sees it…

If you missed it, catch the video below:



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