Ciara Kisses On Future & Twitter Beefs With Rihanna’s Bestie Melissa + Trina Tags Along With Rumored Boo French Montana At Hot 97


Another day, another Twitter beef.  Ciara and her fans have been involved in some social media drama with Rihanna‘s best friend Melissa Forde.  And posted a pic with her boo Future, who she called “her rockstar,” to show she’s over it.Get the deets inside, plus French Montana and Trina acting like they’re not a couple…

We all know pop princesses Rihanna and Ciara have had some rocky times and cattiness between the two of them.  And today, it surfaced once again with Rihanna’s best friend Melissa doing some Twitter dirty work.

Last night, Melissa tweeted a pic of herself and Rihanna and a friend looking at a phone, and she referenced Ciara’s “Body Party” bathroom a cappella rendition:

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-05at63231PM_zpsffabba07.png

We’re still unsure how this was “shade” being thrown, but Ciara’s stans didn’t take kindly to it and started going in.  Ciara RT’d the comment and told her to grow up:

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-05at63529PM_zpsad1c46e6.png

And today, the feud continued.  After Melissa got dragged through the Twitter mud by Ci’s fans for being a tag-a-long and for looking “hard faced”, she responded with a snap at Ciara’s “C-Squad” calling them small:

 photo Screen-Shot-2013-03-05-at-191546_zpsbb25f860.png

Ciara’s biggest fan site had to clap back.  And they said:

 photo mforde_zps5ddcec61.png


Even Future got in on the beef tweeting today, “Tell dem thirsty hoes fall back.”

Oh the thirst of it all…


 photo ScreenShot2013-03-05at72016PM_zps0323c5ac.png


In other news, French Montana rolled to Angie Martinez‘s show on Hot 97.  And randomly brought Trina along.  Neither of them like to admit the rumors of them being a couple are true, but they are surely ALWAYS together.

French started acting awkward and shy about Trina while Angie asked him about Trina.  Then Trina hopped on the mic to sing his praises about how great he is in the studio….esp. since he executive produced her new mixtape.

plus in other rih rih news…………

 photo denimdoub3_zpsb16f414a.jpg

Leave it to Rihanna to make double denim trend.  See how Rihanna’s making us feel like we’re back in our tomboy hip hop days inside…

 photo doubden1_zpsb37492b2.jpg

Rihanna was spotted rocking either a pair of double waistband jeans, or two pairs of different toned jeans, as she left her London hotel headed for the airport today.  She was fresh off launching her Rihanna for River Island collection at the Oxford St. store of the clothing brand.

 photo INFRBinary-27_zpsed6b7147.jpg

Not feeling this in the least bit, but we’re sure it’ll become a trend because Rih rocked it.  Or will it?

You feelin’ this?

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