Is THIS Trinidad James’ Son & Baby’s Mama?

An interesting pic popped up on rapper Trinidad James’ Instagram recently.  And it has folks thinking this is his son and baby moms that no one knew about….

He may look like Jerome reincarnated….but apparently, there’s at least one chick out there who possibly had sex with him and procreated.

The “All Gold Everything” rapper Instagrammed the above pic a little while after Valentine’s Day saying, “Shout out to my homie and son my Patna !!! @kimpossible_7 x Junior!!! Thanks for being great friends”

He calls the little boy in the pic his son, and @’s the woman in the pic as well.  He may call them “friends,” but it may be way more than that as chick deleted her Instagram already.  Sounds like someone doesn’t want certain things on blast more than they are.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-12at32611PM_zps593008c2.png

If this is actually his son and baby’s mom….it’s living proof ANYTHING can happen….especially for rappers

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