Lil Kim Hits MTV’s RAP FIX LIVE…Draped In Gold & Fur

 photo kimf3.jpg

Lil Kim, the Queen Bee, was spotted on the streets of New York with a face so puffy you’d think she was the victim of a bee sting. See the pics inside….

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Legendary rapper Lil’ Kim must have gotten too close to the honey pot as she strutted through the streets of New York with an expressionless, wrinkle-free face that looked “stung” and frozen in time.  She was decked out in her gold jewelry and fur coat as she made her promo rounds in NYC.

 photo kimf2.jpg

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In town for an appearance on MTV’s “Rap Fix Live,” Kim talked about her musical endeavors, including her new artist Tiffany Foxx.

And though her ever-evolving face may raise eyebrows, Kim’s still showing her skills are there by appearing in mentee Tiffany’s new rap video.

Here’s pics of Kim and Tiffany chillin’ on the set with Sway and Talib Kweli (and that TV Kanye says he bought Sway):
 photo IMG_0997_zps0d11beaa.jpeg  photo IMG_3555_zps3eb40aa0.jpeg

And here’s video of the freestyle:


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