Rappers Brianna Perry & Trina Dish GIRL TALK On Cheating Men, Going Through Your Man’s Phone & “Instagram Models”

Rapper Brianna Perry is letting us in on her Girl Talk video session with fellow Miami rapper Trina and all their friends.  And we learn how the ladies get down when it comes to cheating men, why they WILL check their man’s phone, and why Instagram models need to fall back.

To promote her upcoming mixtape, Brianna Perry’s doing a series of Girl talk videos with her homegirls.  The first one is with Trina, who is also on the mixtape.  Check out all the ladies (and one guy) going in about how they prevent getting cheated on (or at least try to) and more.


 photo bppc_zps8a6a772b.jpg

For all you fans of the newbie rapstress, Brianna Perry’s new mixtape Symphony #9: The B Collection drops March 8th.

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