Drake Makes Surprise Appearance On American Idol


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They say American Idol‘s ratings are struggling, but don’t for a second think it’s because the contestants are slacking and the judges definitely seem to be pulling out all the stops.   Last week, songstress Candice Glover sang her pretty little heart out in hopes of winning over the judges with her rendition of Drake’s smash hit “Find Your Love.” She said that she met Drizzy last year and promised him that if she ever made it on American Idol, she would definitely cover one of his songs. Although most folks thought that she did a pretty good job,  the judges were less than enthusiastic when it was all over and Candice was heartbroken.

Hoping to cheer her up Nicki Minaj told Candice that she would ask Drake what he thought about her cover, and the show made it seem like he made a recording for her. What Candice didn’t know was that Drake was backstage waiting to come out and surprise her. He said,

I just wanted to let you know that tonight I was at home and I know what it is to be in your position, [to] be under heavy scrutiny with all those tough judges. I wanted to let you know that I was so honored that you sang my song and you did such an incredible job. You have an angelic voice. I almost wish you were there in the studio with me. I feel like we could have brought it to life together.

She turned around and almost lost it when he came up behind her and hugged and kissed her. LUCKY!!!
Drake Surprises Candice on American Idol
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After the show, Drake tweeted, “@NickiMinaj is an incredible person for setting that up. Love you always. Thank you!”  Aww


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