Jay-Z Selling Off His Brooklyn Nets Shares? + Stacey Dash Questions The Carters Spending Their Dollars In Cuba

Brooklyn goes hard….with or without Jay-Z as the face of its NBA franchise.  Deets on Mr. Carter reportedly selling his shares of the BK Nets, plus more updates (and criticisms) about the Carters chillin’ in Cuba….

Well that was quick.  After one season at the Barclays center and years of working to bring the team to BK, it looks like Jay-Z may be already selling off his shares of the team.

Yahoo Sports is reporting that Mr. Carter is looking to “divest his ownership share” — meaning sell off his share — of the Nets.  And it’s all because he wants to expand his Roc Nation Sports division, which recently signed Yankee Robinson Cano, into the world of professional basketball.  According to NBA rules, one cannot have ownership in a team and represent individual players at the same time.  So Hov is going the agent route.

He owns less than 1% of the Nets, but is undoubtedly the face of the franchise.  He propelled the team to a big name status, and he’s gotten rewarded in return with tons of publicity, lots of face time on and off the Barclays stage, and the opportunity to brand his existing catalog of music into the NBA franchise.  Business doesn’t always mean cash is involved….notoriety, platforms and clout are parts of the equation too.

It looks like Hov may be leaving with exactly what he came in to get, so it may be a win-win for everyone.

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Meanwhile, Jay and his wife Beyonce are still under fire from political figures and others for their anniversary vacay to Cuba.

The NY Daily News reports that the twosome obtained a cultural license to visit the country that is off limits legally to most Americans.  A US government license must be issued, only in special circumstances, in order for an American to travel to the country.  The creative license allowed the couple to travel there for their 5th wedding anniversary.

Yet and still, people are pissed as some say The Carters are co-signing on an oppressive & abusive country.

So, of course, Stacey Dash put in her 2 cents as the right wing mouth piece.  But, since we’re here and presenting all sides, here’s what she asked her Twitter followers:

Do you care that The Jay Z’s have taken the capital you have given them and funded a communist oppressive regime?

The “Jay-Z’s” though?  Oh…ok Stacey.

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