Jenny McCarthy Gets Ciara To Talk Dirty

Ciara and Jenny

People have been waiting for Ciara to start opening up more and she certainly gave us something to work with when she was a guest on VH1′s The Jenny McCarthy Show. CiCi looked like she had a lot of fun as she talked about her boo thang Future while showing off her ring finger tattoo and teasing that she’s “tappin’ that.” Jenny also threw Ciara questions like whether or not it’s true that black dudes are packing and how long should a chick hold out until she lets her man get a taste of her goodies.

Catch some excepts plus the video below:

Is there a future with Future?

Absolutely.[…]I’m tappin’ that.

Are all black guys well-endowed? Is it true?

[Laughs] I’m not saying anything!

How long have you dated Future?

I don’t like to say the exact time. It is less than a year but it’s so funny because time is going by so fast we’re close to it.

How long do you wait until you put out?

I think you wait until it feels right. [Jenny: How about eight hours?] Eight hours is too soon. [Jenny: What if you’re really horny?] Then you go home by yourself and do some naughty things. You have to refrain from the temptation.

Jenny also grilled Ciara and asked her as many questions as she could in 60 seconds:

Worst habit? Crunching ice.

Best physical feature? Legs.

What do you wear to bed? Skin.

Biggest turn on? Confidence.

Do you have a beef with Rihanna? Nah. Hell nah.

Who was your last text from? My baby daddy.

What color underwear do you have on right now if any? Black.

Did you ever kiss a girl? No.

Weirdest obsession? Nerds.

What song do you put on when you want to get freaky? “Twelve Play” by R. Kelly.

Guilty pleasure TV show? “Love & Hip Hop”

Later on Jenny brought out a stacked up, half-naked, muscle-bound dude named Julio who the ladies hand-painted in a little question and answer game. Ciara was a smart woman and kept her hands to herself, letting the other ladies and someone from the audience do her painting for her. That’s a good look Ci! I’m sure Future appreciated that one! [Actually, he was probably backstage…]

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