Meek Mill DEFENDS Rick Ross’ Rape Lyrics

As rape survivor groups pressure Reebok to drop rapper Rick Ross from their list of spokesmen, Rick’s protege Meek Mill has stepped up to the plate to defend him and his controversial lyrics.

During an interview with the Urban Informer, Meek defended the “U.O.E.N.O.” song saying, “I don’t even care about nobody criticizing no lyrics. People rap about killing stuff all day. Biggie said, Rape your kid. Throw her over the bridge.’ It was nothing, it was just hip-hop.”

Meek totals blows off the concerns of rape survivors and other activist groups saying,

“Now you got all these weirdos on these social sites voicing their opinion about something anybody say. I don’t care. I’m from the ‘hood. I never really cared about what nobody say in no rap. Rap’s always been talking about killing, drugs, all types of stuff.”

Smh….that’s a very mature way to look at things Meek.

He went on to explain that Rick was just being creative and people shouldn’t take it so literal.  “It’s imaginary visual. If a writer write about somebody getting raped in a movie, that mean he a rapist or he want girls to get raped? No, he just wrote about that in a movie.”

I’m not sure how I feel about the lyric I don’t really take to much to heart about it because I’d never be slipped an MOLLY, and NOT know! But there are lil boys out here thinking that thats what girls want, but hey it entertainment!


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