New Video: Alicia Keys ft. Maxwell – ‘Fire We Make’ [Teaser]

Alicia Keys ft. Maxwell - 'Fire We Make'

Alicia is definitely on fire in her new video for the sensual track, ‘Fire We Make.’  In the video teaser, which has made it’s way online, Maxwell makes a very appreciated appearance and it looks as though he has Alicia so hot, she has to drench herself in ice cubes to cool off.

With her glistening skin and whispering singing voice, Alicia goes on about the fire that she and her man make from “night to day” that’s so good she just can’t stay away. We see you Swizz! We know who Alicia was thinking about for this one…

This is a perfect love jam to get you through those hot summery nights.

Peep the teaser to the Chris Robinson-directed visual below:



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