Universal Music Group “WHISTLEBLOWER” Makes ALLEGATIONS Of RAMPANT Drug Use, Sex & Partying, NAME CHECKS T.I., Macy Gray, Future & More

A new lawsuit by a disgruntled Universal Music Group employee makes explosive allegations about rampant sex, partying and drug use at the Universal west coast office….but it’s the names that appear in the lawsuit that raise the most eyebrows.  Inside, go behind the scenes at UMG with Macy Gray, Future, T.I. and others….allegedly!


An explosive lawsuit filed by a former UMG employee, in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges the company’s “anything goes” philosophy when it came to its high profile celebrities and executives created quite the hostile work environment.

The plaintiff, a 41-year-old African American female security guard, alleges the office was “infiltrated with pervasive drug use where you could smell marijuana seeping from various offices and openly used in common areas, and lounges.”

And if that wasn’t enough, “artists and high-profile celebrities began visiting the premises with drugs in hand and oftentimes offering drugs to Plaintiff, which she refused.”

The lawsuit goes on to namecheck drug use or drug paraphernalia by singer Macy Gray and “entourages” of Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx, MC Ren, rapper T.I. and “The Voice” judge Adam Levine.

To make it worse, the plaintiff says that once she “became torn between her professional integrity and losing her job,” her objections were laughed off. And eventually, after submitting her written complaints, she was informed by her manager that she was suspended…and eventually fired!

Some interesting gems from the lawsuit include finding people passed out in bathrooms strewn with condoms after long nights or partying and drinking. Also, T.I. security guards like to park VERY close to the front door….and they refused to move when asked because, they said, they need to be ready just in case a shooting breaks out!

And when folks like head honcho Jimmy Iovine showed up at the office, it mysteriously began to smell like a day spa with incense and candles burning everywhere.  Plus, she alleges he showed up with “Idol” contestants who were blazing up some weed.

And then there’s also a dose of good old-fashioned sexual harassment of the UMG employees thrown in for good measurement.  SMH…..sounds like a summer internship you’d never forget!

The plaintiff says she was fired when she told her operations manager at the security company about the T.I. incident.  Apparently, they didn’t appreciate her snitching, so they told the plaintiff she had “complaints” about her performance and suspended her.  Later, she was permanently terminated.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, she’s suing Universal Music Group-owned UMPG, her employer Universal Protection Services, the building’s management and others over alleged labor violations, including a hostile work environment.

So far, all a spokesperson for UMG had to say was “While we cannot comment on the allegations between the plaintiff and her employer, we can say that the allegations as they relate to Universal Music Group are absurd.”

We’re keeping an eye on this one. Where there’s smoke….

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