Video: Kim and Kanye Reunite In Paris,And Kanye Tells Paparazzi “Don’t Ask Us NO Questions”!

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Kim Kardashian loves the paparazzi. Kanye doesn’t and it sucks for him since they manage to always be around.

Earlier today, Kim visited Kanye in Paris and they were immediately hounded by the paparazzi as they visited a few boutiques. Judging from video footage that has surfaced, Kim is so used to the cameras that she literally maneuvers as if they aren’t there. Meanwhile, Kanye acknowledged their presence and looked clearly annoyed. When a photographer attempted to make small talk with Kim, and asked her about her recent trip to Greece with her family, Kanye stopped, gave him a mean glare and said, “Don’t ask us no questions.”

The photographer shut right on up while saying, “No problem, I’m not talking anymore” but if that was Halle Berry’s fiance, things might have panned out a lot differently.

Kanye may have been in better spirits if the paparazzi were more interested in his upcoming album than Kim’s trip to Greece, but that’s just a guess.

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