Kanye Debuts “New Slaves” Guerrilla Style On the Streets Of 10 Cities

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That boy Yeezy done did it again. Last night Kanye West debuted his new song titled “New Slaves” in 10 cities at 69 different locations via projection. Reportedly, his newest project (a follow up album to My Dark & Twisted Fantasy), will drop June 18th. This morning Kim Kardashin tagged an pic on IG caption reading : #YezzySeason. Wonder if thats the name of the cd hmmmm…… moving along………..

Projection ???? Wondering why????

Because Yeezy fed up with corporate America, and being their “slave”!

Here are a few lyrics:

“My mama was raised in the era when, clean water was only served to the fairer skin.”

“Used to only be n*ggas, now everybody playing.  Spending everything on Alexander Wang, new slaves.”

“There’s leaders, there’s followers.  I’d rather be a d*ck than a swallower.”

“I move my family out the country so y’all can’t see where I stay.”

“They tryna to lock n*ggas up, The tryna to make new slaves, That’s that provate pwned prison, get your piece today.  They probably all in the Hamptons all bragging about what they made, f*ck you and your Hampton house, I f*cked your Hampton spouse.”

Now well step into how Kanye aka “The Louie Vuitton Don” is contradicting himself.

I love the song because it just says what those of the  “black excellence” crew have been saying all this time! but are We are the new version of slaves! Blacks and minorities live to work, and buy designer labels, and do what corporate America dictates as ” high class”! Now don’t get me wrong I love my Prada just like the next #RappedOutShawty , BUT I know (from working at Nordstorm) that designer labels doesn’t mean ish if you don’t love yourself!

Now what I want to know is do you feel like Kanye West has played some part in the whole label slave branding of young America? Because this man had people selling blood , and eating Ramen noodles so they can save up for an pair of Yeezy’s or his new heels titled “Cruel Summer”! He also Kim Kardashian who has became an household name of of doing virtually nothing of substance!

What you think cuz #IMRAPPEDOUT

Check out the NYC debut:

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