Kanye West’s “New Slaves” SCREENING Halted In Houston

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Fans in Houston, TX will have to wait for Kanye West’s “New Slaves” video to hit YouTube and VEVO after three planned screenings all failed to start…thanks to authorities.  We’re not sure what the Houston Police Dept. has against Yeezy, but they wanted no parts of his political b.s.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Kanye tweeted on Friday that he’d be screening his “New Slaves” video at the Rothko Chapel, Central Library downtown and the George Bush Monument….but those sites were ALL effectively shut down by the HPD before the screenings ever started.

One shut down was blamed on “technical difficulities, meanwhile, fans were threatened with arrest for trespassing at the other spots. With no official word on why the -ish didn’t happen, we will defer to Kanye’s Hurricane Katrina rant…“George Bush doesn’t care about Black people”

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