New Music : Kat Dahlia- “FireMan”

We all recognize Kat Dahlia from her single “Gangsta,” and now she’s back with another banger that’ll definitely have us bouncing to the beat.

We love the young artist because she’s her own woman, with her own style, and she is not afraid to show it… all of which is demonstrated on her new hit “Fireman.”

Here’s what Kat had to say about the newly released record when speaking to Interview:

“It’s just something really, really different. Especially from what else is out there right now.

The label had told me to hold off, you know, wait until I had an album [out] to release it. I was always really adamant about this record. We were going back and forth, but, finally, it’s coming out. It’s definitely a good follow-up to ‘Gangsta’ and that whole sound.”

Check out the full track below and judge for yourself – but we have no doubt you’ll love it.


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