One in Three Americans Shop to Relieve Stress; Do You?

They extrapolate to say that said statistic accounts for 91% of the population, explaining, “An online poll of over 1,000 U.S. adults…found that women were twice as likely as men to use retail therapy as a way to cope with stress (40 percent vs. 19 percent).” These same stress shoppers are liable to turn to food or exercise to deal with their problems–instead of facing their issues head on.
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Shopping is now ‘part of the job’ for me, though I recall one time in the past when a bad breakup sent me straight to a local boutique, where I splurged on oodles of saucy wrap dresses–perfect pieces for a single girl on the town looking for a new suitor. Buying them definitely made me feel better, though I cringed at my credit card statement next month (those were the years I was deep in debt–read my testimony here).
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I guess the key is to always keep it balanced, and make sure you’re buying what you can afford. Can’t get a new pair of shoes? Try a lipstick or nail polish.

At any rate, do you shop to relieve stress? Tell us in the comments!

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