Video:Ouch! Kanye West Walks Head First Into Metal Pole! Then Spazzes Out!


While heading to their favorite eatery Kanye West , and Kim Kardashian literally had an run in with the paps! After house hunting Kanye West walked head first into an metal pole while walking with his head down, in an attempt to not make eye contact with the cameras!


After he walked smack dabb into the metal pole his baby mama Kim Kardashian tried to console him by checking to make sure he was alright! But Kanye who doesn’t have the best track record with the paps went from 0 to 1000! He began to yell at the paps for filming, and one inside the restaurant he came back out AGAIN to scream some more! Video Below!


Poor Kanye I hope he’s ok , but damn man look up when you walk! Also when that baby comes what do you think the paps will do then? SMH!

Do you think Kanye West is ready to be an celeb daddy?


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