Album Review: J.Cole “Born Sinner”


J.Cole - Born Sinner (Album Stream)

Last night, J.Cole held a streaming event for his new album ‘Born Sinner’ at various locations across North America. Today, he decides to let the whole world hear the album by offering up a free stream. It features guest appearances by Kendrick Lamar, Miguel, 50 Cent, Jhene Aiko, James Fauntleroy and more.

J.Cole starts off with offering us a taste of his ego , and fills us in on how he got into the game with RocNation. He drops a line about the Iluminati, and that should get the people talking! Cole also talks about how he was track for the first 4 years of his career , and let the devil take him off track on “Villuminati”!

The rest of his album the album has a nice selection of beats, and the production is effortless. With songs like “Runaway” Cole gives the ladies some insight on why , and how the modern African – American man feels in this time of age. “She’ll never understand what it’s like to be a man, when you look inside, and all you see is a nigga!” J.Cole discusses the questions that we’ve been trying to answer for years over a head bobbing, mellow dramatic song.

“Rich Niggaz” is basically ” a song you can listen to when you done to know you not alone”! I can’t front this track is something 75% of the hood can relate to! The hook shows off a different side of J.Cole, and the lyrical content is like a hip-hop behind the scene documentary! It depicts the thoughts inside of everyone head about  money flaunting rappers or rich guys who have no care in the world except for they ran out of ones at Magic City! “How much for your soul” Cole asks on the hook in an smooth melody!

Overall this album is very cohesive to the title of the project, and plays out like a story with beats that flow into each other perfectly. The way he utilizes the features from various artist like Kendrick Lamar match up with J.Cole vibe nicely, and the tracks and skits give us a better picture of J.Cole of as a artist , and more insight into J.Cole’s thought process and sense of humor.

Im going to cop it mos def (if I don’t get it for free in my inbox)! Matter fact I’m going to spend my hard earned dollar bills because I like J.Cole , and his work ethic!

‘Born Sinner’ hits stores June 18th and can be pre-ordered on iTunes.

Will you be copping it?




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