Iggy Azalea Talks Being Blackballed, Relationship With A$AP Rocky & Going Pop With The Breakfast Club

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Iggy Azalea has been through the struggle as a new artist, but she’s still standing. Last year, she created so much buzz online that it landed her a spot on XXL’s Freshman Class cover (the first for a female rapper since Nicki Minaj) and a deal with Interscope that ultimately fell through after she became a Grand Hustle artist. Months went by, and her buzz started to die down drastically, which resulted in some folks thinking she had dropped off the map!

In an exclusive interview with The Breakfast Club Morning Show earlier today, Iggy Azalea explained her absence, as well as revealed that her fallout with Interscope almost blackballed her in the industry. Because of that, she ran off to London to re-ignite her career in the U.K. with a London-based music label. She also revealed the hardships she’s been through, while admitting that she caught the city bus to her last interview with The Breakfast Club last year.  If you wondered what happened to her relationship with A$AP Rocky, she talks about that too.

Catch a few of the highlights below:

On being blackballed in the industry
My whole Interscope situation is like when you say ‘No’ to something, like the dream deal, people think that you are absolutely insane and they blackball you a little bit. I felt like I had to get away, so I chose to go to the UK so I could be around new faces or a place that I wasn’t necessarily blackballed. To prove that, ‘Hey, I’m not crazy’ and to get more people on my team, professionally and in the industry. So it paid off to go to the UK.

On if she ever wanted to leave Grand Hustle?
No I never wanted to leave Grand Hustle. What I wanted was a major deal and it was frustrating to me and it was frustrating to see people say TI’s got you trapped in his Grand Hustle Chamber and you are never going to get out. I was like, ‘Okay rude!’ because he is actually the only person that’s ever stuck by me and was actually my friend when everyone else was like she’s losing or it’s a wrap for her. He was the only person that actually stuck around and helped me a lot behind the scenes.

It may not seem like he was doing a lot but he moved as much as he could move but nobody in those offices wanted to mess with me, so what can you do.

On her struggle and taking a break from the industry
I was going through some things. [Last time I came here] I caught the bus to your interview. I caught the bus from Jersey. It’s a different situation from what people thought that it was. No matter how great things are projected for you, you can lose them and mess it up. I was like, ‘What am I going to do, can I save myself?’ because I feel like I am drowning a little bit.

On if she would still date in the industry:
I would still date in the industry. I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t. There are pros and cons. The pro is yeah somebody to understand and sympathize. The con is that most of them are neurotic and egotistical, who only care about their own schedule and still expect me, as a woman, to be the one flying out to them on a plane and be their f*cking handbag. And, its like I cannot do that. It’s difficult and not a balance. It becomes difficult, but never say never.

On what ended her relationship with A$AP Rocky:
I’m young and he’s young, it was really difficult time for me. I was going through a lot of stuff and his career was going great and mine was going a different way and we stopped hanging out, but we are still cool.

I have no ill feelings to A$AP. I’m really proud of him and his album going number one. When that happened, I was like, ‘Man good for him.’

On going pop and making music that’s not as ratchet as when she first came out
I still have ratchet sh*t on my album but its difficult for me to come out with twerk songs every time because then people put you in a category and its frustrating because you want to show you have versatility. I am going to go back but I need to show that I do other things so that I can get booked on TV, because I can’t get booked on TV doing twerk music because they don’t want to see butt cheeks alternate on Saturday Night Live.

On falling off
It’s a roller coaster ride and I think it was cool to experience a bit of a high being discovered and a bit of a low. Because sometimes artist get scared and go crazy if they feel like they are going to fade to black or things aren’t going their way. I see people lose their sh*t a little bit behind closed doors and for me to feel like I hit almost the bottom, and know actually that the world is not going to implode on itself, it makes my decision making easier. Now I feel like what’s the worst that can happen? That, oh I did it already. Trust your struggle.

Iggy also said that, although she’s touring, she’s still not making the money she wants to make right now because of other expenses but it’ll all pay off. She’s now signed to Island Def Jam in the U.S.

She kept it real.

Watch the interview below:

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