SNEAK PEEK: Wale’s “Bad” (REMIX) Featuring Rihanna + Tiara Thomas “BAD”

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Inside, we have a snippet of the original bad girl, Rihanna, laying down her vocals for Wale’s forthcoming “Bad” (Remix).  Listen inside….


As Wale’s latest single “Bad” featuring Tiara Thomas climbs the charts, the Gifted rapper has prepared a “remix” that’s sure to complete his chart takeover.  For the upcoming remix, he’s picked the “original” bad girl, Rihanna, to bless the track.  She’s singing the hook…and rapping.

Although a recent rumor nearly derailed his working relationship with Rih Rih, we’re happy he got things back on track because this snippet is interesting!  He previewed a little of it on “Sway In The Morning” on Shade 45 recently.  Check it out…

Listen to the “Bad” snippet here:





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We’re pretty sure the “Bad” (Remix) featuring Rihanna will rules the airwaves this summer, but it’s worth taking note of the new “vocal” version of the track by Tiara Thomas.  And even if the Rihanna “mix” overshadows Tiara’s solo version, Tiara will still collect her coins because she actually co-penned the track! Check out her version here:

Tiara, a graduate from Ball State University, has revealed that she’s in the studio working on her debut LP Sallie Mae. But don’t expect to hear Wale on the disc. He told Hot 97 that they no longer have a working relationship and she’s actually signed to someone else! He said, “She did what she felt like was to her best interest, and I guess that’s what all people going to do.” Oh wells…..

Love her voice though.

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