Video Of Kerry Rhodes & His Alleged Former Lover & “Assistant” “Hollywood”!

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So…this video surfaced of NFLer Kerry Rhodes and his former “assistant” Russell “Hollywood” Simpson.  And it looks like the rough draft of some sort of docu-reality show.  But it’s the ending….well actually the whole thing…that has us believing more than ever that Russell was not lying about his intimate relationship with Mr. Rhodes.



In case you forgot, “Hollywood” is Kerry Rhodes’ ex assistant.  And “Hollywood” claims he was also Kerry’s ex-lover.  While rumors of athletes being gay aren’t surprising, this one seemed a bit “concocted” with the beach pics from vacay (several of Kerry’s friends went as well) where Kerry is cradling Mr. Hollywood all over the beach.  It could have just been all in fun right?


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This random video that shows how “Hollywood” lives his life as a celebrity assistant is very….interesting.  Apparently dude is trying to get a reality show about his life about being friends with and an assistant to an athlete.  But there two indeed seem…close.

Toward the end, the two are laying in bed kiki’ing…with Kerry shirtless and Hollywood rubbing his arms.  They seemed to be talking about a mutual friend’s soda habit and they seemed to think it was hilarious.  Guess it’s one of those “inside” jokes.  Check it out for yourselves:




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