Wiz Spotted Clubbing With Amber Rose, Reveals What Baby Bash Looks Like & How He Came Up With The Baby’s Name

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New parents Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are able to get out and enjoy themselves now that their 4-month old son is getting older. The Hip Hop couple was spotted in Hollywood earlier this week, leaving the Supper Club after a long night of partying.

Meanwhile, this month, Wiz is featured on the cover of Sister 2 Sister Magazine, and inside, he’s spilling the beans on what his son looks like (although the couple haven’t released any baby pics yet.)  He also chats with Jamie Foster Brown about his adjustment to fatherhood, if he was worried about Amber Rose gaining baby weight, and why they chose to stick with a normal name for their first born.

Catch the highlights and cover photo below:

On whether he was worried about Amber Rose gaining weight
Naw! People look at her like a model, you know what I mean? But she’s a regular person. So as long as the baby’s healthy, as long as the pregnancy is happy, that’s pretty much all that we were worried about.

On how he felt after he met his son Sebastian for the first time
Probably just more happy, more excited. I waited nine months for him. I’d, in my head, kind of built up what I thought he would look like, what I thought he would sound like, and then just finally when he came it was like that relief, like, “Yo, he’s here.”

On how his parents feel about being grandparents
They love it. It’s their first grandchild, so yeah they are in love all over again. I don’t even exist to them. It’s just all about Bash.

On how Sebastian looks
He looks Asian and Spanish. I knew he was going to look like a little papi. I didn’t know about the Asian, though. [laughs] Yeah, he’s a little papi-looking thing.

On who came up with their son’s name
Amber actually came up with the name Sebastian.  We wanted just like a regular name and something cool and something normal. Something kinda like ordinary but still traditional and a cool nickname came from it, Bash.

On why they chose that particular name
Because we’re so crazy. [We wanted him] to start off normal and then you can develop your own crazy. We’re not going to grow you into crazy.

Wiz Khalifa

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