Beyonce’s WEAVE Gets CAUGHT UP In Her Wind Fan!

 photo beyfan.png

During last night’s stop on “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour”, Beyonce’s weave got tangled up in one of her wind fans!  See what Bey said about getting “snatched” inside…..

During last night’s performance of “Halo” during the Montreal, Canada stop of “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour”, Beyonce’s weave got caught up in one of the wind fans! So what did Bey do?  Being the consummate performer that she is…..she sang right through the entanglement!  As a few human fans AND security guards  attempted to detach her weave from the fan, Mrs. Carter never missed a note.  Just like the time she tumbled down the steps….she kept going!

After the show, she posted a handwritten note, cracking a few jokes about the situation….

 photo benote.png

It’s good to see that she has a sense of humor about it all.

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