Beyonce on stage Jay Z kiss 2

Beyonce on stage Jay Z kiss 3

Jay Z definitely knows how to keep the spark going in his marriage.

Last night, during a break in his “Legends Of The Summer Tour” with Justin Timberlake, he appeared at Beyonce’s show in Philly. Bey was just wrapping up “Halo” when Jay Z ran out on stage and hugged and kissed her in front of almost 20,000 fans.

Now, it’s no wonder Bey didn’t turn around and start windmilling with all the craziness that has been happening to her on tour.  Her fans reactions warned her in advance that someone was running up behind her, but by the time she went to turn around, he had already grabbed her.

Jay’s slow run was definitely gone with the wind fabulous! Aww!

Watch it below, plus catch what Jay had to say about keeping his marriage together:

Long version

During an interview with Elliott Wilson earlier this week, Jay revealed his desire to keep his marriage together, instead of following in his father’s footsteps:

When your baby first come, it’s only joy. It’s fascinating that two people can create a life. It’s only glory, it’s all joy. Then after that kicks in, you sit with yourself and say, “Am I going to be a good dad? I know I have the DNA of my dad, I know it’s not just with me and my dad, it’s an on-going problem in our entire community, how do I get around it?‘ Then all of those fears, anxieties and insecurities kick in, if you really want to do it the right day. So those first days were all joy, and now I have to do the work and make sure that I don’t repeat that same cycle, because I do have my father’s DNA. I’m sure he didn’t set out to leave, he married my mom. He tried, but life got in the way. He didn’t see 9 years out, of what would happen in his life. I’m sure he went into it with the best intentions, like we all do, but it didn’t work out.

And he also spoke on why he talks about his relationship in music, especially his newest collab “On The Run” with Beyonce:

There are very few relationships in Hip Hop music. It’s a lot of ‘I took your girl, and I’m gonna take it again,‘ and ‘I’m with your girl and never gave it out’ I don’t know if people are properly absorbing what I’m doing here. I don’t know in the context, just being honest about [marriage] and just putting those subject matters in Hip Hop records, that’s not normal.

I know I’m living my life right, I just live my life right and go about it the right way and then everything else will sort itself out. As long as I’m on the side of right, I’m cool. If I go wrong a little bit, my karma is immediate.

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