K. Michelle Visits The Wendy Williams Show

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K. Michelle sure can book a stage! She’s been performing all over New York lately.

Yesterday, Wendy Williams put her beef with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and it’s characters who she claims are ‘unsuitable’ for her show, to the side to allow K. Michelle to invade her show.   Dressed in white, and what may become her signature red hair, she gave a classic rendition of ‘V.S.O.P’ off of her upcoming Rebellious Soul disc.  After the performance, which included a brief nip slip, she confirmed that she is leaving L&HHA for her own show and she’s dating Indiana Pacers player Lance Stephenson.

Meanwhile, it’s no wonder, Wendy turned her nose up at the cast.  Upon hearing that Wendy said she didn’t want any parts of the show on her stage, Momma Dee went H.A.M., telling Rumor Fix:

Get the Hell off. You don’t know us, b—–! If you had us on the show you could get to know us. You can fake and taint what you want — if you took time to have the cast on your show you’d know. A cr**ker paid you to do your own show and you’re going to belittle us. Wendy, you forgot where you came from!

Good luck booking any stage Momma Dee.

Catch K. Michelle’s performance below, and as a bonus, listen to the Rebellious Soul album sampler:

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