King Bey! Beyonce Slays The Haters With “Bow Down”Performance & Teaser Video!

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She turned Michelle and Kelly’s mic down at the Super Bowl! I know she’s bald-headed, that’s why she always wears that damn weave! Why is she always wearing those tired leotards? She know she lying! She was never pregnant with that damn baby! She is not a diva and she is not a king!

Those statements were a part of the latest gossip and allegations that fans at the Toyota Center heard last night from an intro video, before Beyonce hit the stage with her response as  she performed, “Bow Down,” for the first time since her Mrs. Carter World tour started.  Dressed in all black and gold chains, Bey and her dancers brought some insane footwork to the stage as the speaker-busting beat dropped.

Earlier in the day, she teased the performance after she uploaded an intro video to “Bow Down”  to her official website.

Catch the performance plus pics of Beyonce, Jay-Z and Houston rappers Bun B and Slim Thug below:





Beyonce and Slim Thug, Beyonce and Jay-Z
Beyonce and Bun B

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