Rihanna Cries On Stage

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Who said bad girls don’t cry ?

#1 hits, sold-out shows, endorsement deals and some of the best fans in the world–Rihanna sure has a lot to be thankful for and she brought her appreciation and gratitude to the stage last night as she performed in Lille, France.

Before, cuing up the last song of the evening, “Diamonds,” she gave her fans at Grand Stade Lille Metropole an endearing moment, when she began crying while telling them how much they were appreciated.

Thank you so much. I can’t believe this sh-t. Y’all make me so happy, this is everything that matters to me.  And to stand here and feel the love in this room throughout this entire tour…It’s coming to the end of the tour and it’s sad. I hate saying ‘Goodbye.’  You guys showed me so much love in this room tonight. I love you guys.

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Catch the video below:


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