Rihanna Shows Up ThREE Hours Late To Her Own Concert!

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Rihanna (shown above in Vienna) is in the running for being crowned “The World’s Most Inconsiderate Entertainer” as she continues to leave fans waiting for HOURS.   Her most recent offense was on Wednesday night in Monte Carlo, Monaco at the ‘Salle des Etoiles’s of Sporting d’ete’ for the 2013 Monte- Carlo Sporting Summer Festival.

According to Radar Online, Rihanna kept fans waiting over three hours for her scheduled appearance which costs fans as much a $750!  Although the show was set to begin at 8:30, Rihanna didn’t actually appear until AFTER 11:30.

For those keeping track, you can now add Monaco to the long list of tour dates where Rihanna seemed to place her priorities on partying versus performing.  But at least RiRi is willing to make amends when she’s wrong.

Earlier this week, she sent a $5,000 check to a suburban Chicago high school to cover the security expenses they incurred after she was four hours late to an appearance at Barrington High School.  We’re pleased to know that she’s aware her tardiness does affect others.

Would you be mad if you were in the crowd ?

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