[Trailer] LaLa’s Full Court Life Season 4 Is Filled With Controversy

LaLa's Full Court Life Trailer 2013 4 
La La’s Full Court Life is gearing up for it’s upcoming season and judging from the previews, the air is getting thick and things are heating up for the fourth installment of the show. The trailer for the new season just hit the web and right off the bat, LaLa gets to talking about the biggest controversy of her career and relationship to date: Kevin Garnett allegedly saying that she let him “hit it” and telling her husband Carmelo that she tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios. Although the alleged comment made major headlines last year, LaLa has repeatedly denied that KG ever said those words, and she addresses the controversy on the show:

“The Honey Nut Cheerio thing was so stupid and unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ve seen the headlines, the craziness, the rumors, the blogs. I’m very protective over my husband [and] my son. You don’t want people feeling like they have the right to judge who you are and how handle certain things”

In the trailer, the pressure is obviously taking it’s toll on  LaLa and Melo, as well as her friendships. Gabrielle Union makes an appearance on the show and attempts to drop with words of wisdom, while her close friends Po and Dice are having their own personal issues with La La.  How in the world does she keep her sanity while balancing her marriage, motherhood and friendships as well as her blossoming career that includes a business partnership with her stylist and partner Jason Bolden, an upcoming book and a new movie in the works?

We’ll find out all of that and more this season. It looks juicy!

Peep the trailer below:


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