5 Interesting Things We Learned From Kendrick Lamar’s Interview With Chelsea Handler

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50 Cent better watch out now!

Chelsea Handler seemed into Kendrick Lamar last night, after he visited her late night talk show. She greeted him with, ‘You are a cute little nugget, I like your size!’ before the two sat down to chop it up about a few fun facts. During the interview, Kendrick continued to keep the crowd laughing as he talked about his reaction to Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance, calling out rappers on Big Sean’s ‘Control’ verse and why he seems so much older than 26. He also told a cute story of his mom almost catching him having sex in her mini van.

Kendrick is a very likable guy.

Catch the 5 interesting things we learned from Kendrick’s interview below:

He was really into Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance
I wouldn’t have known how to react [if she came near me with the foam finger.] It was shocking. It didn’t get in the way of my performance and what I was doing, but I was definitely interested.

He’s good friends with a lot of the guys he named in ‘Control’
A lot of cats I named, they’re actually good friends of mine. I basically wanted to show that I’m competitive. You know when you get out on the basketball court and you are playing…it’s competitive in the same way basketball players are on the court. I’m sure Kobe & LeBron are good friends off the court.  But when you in that booth, you have to be able to annihilate whoever’s out there .That keeps the level of hip-hop alive as far as the culture.

He wanted to be Michael Jordan when he grew up but his dreams were deferred
Before music, I wanted to be Michael Jordan. No seriously, but like you said, I’m a small guy, I only grew to 5’6 so it deferred my dreams to actually writing rhymes, so I have a lot of insight on hooping whether you believe it or not.

He seems so much older than 26 because he was exposed to a lot of things through his parents
My parents, they were young. They are from Chicago, came to Compton in 84 and had me in 87 and I basically grew up with them. They were good parents but at the same time they were still being themselves in the community, and having fun and I was right there in the midst of everything.  It was just me for seven years, and I was always around all these older adults and I was like, ‘What y’all gonna to talk about next? Is it drinking? Is it sex?’ What is it? And I was just amazed by the world and how people react and respond to different things and I  started writing it in rhymes.

His mom almost caught him having sex in her mini van
She actually caught me one particular time. Not in the act. One time I came back and I went in the house, she walked out to the van and she found something. She said, ‘Kendrick, come outside, I want you to get something.’ She placed it in the front seat and I opened the passenger door and it was a bra. She said, ‘Whose is this?’ I said, ‘What you think, it’s yours!’ She said, ‘Boy I ain’t wore a sizes 36C in 20 years, this would never be mine! What are you talking about!’ At that moment, she hacked down on me and I had to start sneaking out a little more discretely.

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