Ciara Gets GORGE For PAPER Magazine, Says About Her Man Future — “I Feel Safe & LOVED”

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Ciara posed for a gorgeous photoshoot in the latest issue of PAPER Magazine where she discussed the evolution of her music, her style and why she’s so open about her relationship with Future.  And this spread is nothing to play with.  See the highlights inside…..

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Mesh top by Christian Siriano, custom fishnet top by Natalie Joos and shorts by Marc Jacobs.

In the latest issue of PAPER Magazine “I’m Out” singer Ciara sat for a stylish photoshoot where she evoked a few “punk-meets-Donna-Reed looks” and talked about her close friendship with designer Riccardo Tisci and her work with the Givenchy fashion house (she rocked Givenchy to last night’s VMAs).  And if she can’t do anything else, this chick can rock a photoshoot.

Also, the “Body Party” singer chatted about making herself more transparent to her fans and shares how her spirituality has allowed her to become more comfortable about her career choices.  Here are the highlights:


On her rapper boyfriend Future:
“He’s very understanding. And he’s my best friend. It’s important to have a feeling that you can talk about anything and know a person’s going to be there and support you. When we’re together, it’s not about who we are. I feel very normal, very safe and loved.

On speaking about her relationship:

“Being able to speak about it is a whole different thing for me. I’m not thinking or caring too much about what anybody has to say anymore. Once you start over-thinking and worrying, you start getting close to insanity. I want my sanity and a life and happiness.”

On her style choices:

“I don’t wear a dress regularly….but even if I do, you have to put some attitude into it. I like a leather skirt, which gives you some toughness, but a feminine touch too. I like the androgynous thing with a hard edge: I make things rock ‘n’ roll — but still pretty.”

On her Ciara disc:

“The album is light and upbeat. There’s a lot of love in it — a lot of heart and passion. It reflects the spirit and energy that I’m feeling right now. What people are hearing is my true self-expression and the energy I’m living.”

On letting her guard down:

“I thought it was better to be private. You need to live more. If you worry so much about things, your head is going to explode. Just live. Something has to give. I was holding back so much that I wasn’t letting myself explore and live.”

On the direction of her career:

“I’m making choices I feel good about. It definitely feels good to get love from my fans. I work so hard. I’m hoping to share with other young girls, and even men, to never give up. And I feel like my journey’s just beginning. On this journey, there’s much I haven’t done. I still feel like a little kid. I still have my youthful energy and spirit. I’m super excited by my future.”

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Checkered top and shoes by Missguided, custom fishnet top by Natalie Joos, skirt by Erdem and necklace by Marco Bologna

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Bra top by Jeremy Scott, custom fishnet top by Natalie Joos, skirt by Christian Dior and boots by Daniele Michetti.

One of our fave shoots of hers so far.  Fab.

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