Tamar Braxton Drops “All The Way Home” Single & Preps New Relationship Book With Vince

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Tamar Braxton just gave us another peek into her upcoming album Love and War.  Her brand new single “All the Way Home” is inside.  And news about her & Vince‘s new relationship book.

TV host, new mom, singer, reality star and author (more on that later) Tamar Braxton is giving us a third single off her upcoming Love and War album (out September 3rd).

“All The Way Home”, a follow up to “Love and War” & “The One”, is a romantically sexy mid-temp R&B track all about how Mrs. Braxton Herbert feels after a fight with the love of her life.  She’s thinking about him during the whole drive back home. And she’s had a change of heart.

She sings:

“Done with all that cussing.  Came to get something.  Screaming for a different reason now.  While we’re breaking stuff, turning up…”

Meow.  Tamar has also been saying in many of her promo interviews this week that the entire album was a reflection about the ups and downs in her marriage, which is expected when there’s a new baby and new business ventures happening.

Check the new single below:


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