Tiffney Cambridge Reveals Why She Gave The Game His Ring Back


Ladies, when the engagement’s over? Do you give that ring back?

If you asked Tiffney Cambridge, she’d say ‘Absolutely!’

During the first season of her VH1 reality show, Marrying the Game, we watched Tiffney’s journey as she prepared to walk down the aisle with rapper the Game.  Unfortunately, after bickering over everything from the wedding cake to possible infidelities, 10 days before the nuptials, Tiffney called off the wedding and gave the engagement ring back.

Now, in Season Two, the couple attempts to hold on to their relationship and family, but Tiffney’s patience is running thin and she may end up walking away from the relationship for good. Recently, we caught up with Tiffney, and she dished to us about what made her fall for The Game to begin with, and why she decided it was important to return his ring after calling the engagement off.

Catch the interview below:

Let’s take it back to the beginning. How did you and the Game meet?
We had seen each other out in the LA social scene. We had known of each other. But my sister’s kids father really introduced us. His name is Hyme. He used to tell me all the time, “J wants talk to you” and at that time I think Jayceon was 23 or 24, and he was really young and I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?!’ [laughs] I think with a lot of persistence over time, we just started hanging out as friends and 8.5-9 years later here we sit.

Was there anything in particular that made you fall for him?

Yes, He’s very charming. He’s cute as pie, very charming, he’s smart. People kinda don’t know him the way that I know him. He has good conversation. He’s funny. We have great times together.


Fast forward to the proposal. He was able to pull that together in such a short amount of time and had everyone in on it. Did you expect that at all?

No, and I was really pissed off to tell you the truth because I was totally unprepared.  I had just gotten my wisdom teeth pulled out. I was in a lot of pain. I looked tore up and here he comes with the ABC News and all these cameras talking about, ‘Will you marry me?’ And he had already asked me to marry him before and I told him, ‘Yes,’ so I think it’s because I was so slow with planning the wedding, he figured if he called me out like that he would put me on the spot. I really appreciated it,  but I was still mad as hell. [laughs]

It seems as though you have the same issues with The Game in both the first and second seasons.  Were those issues there prior to the proposal or something that arose afterwards?

They were there. I was willing to work through that. I think it’s Jayceon’s lifestyle, being with a rapper is not easy. I think that women, they aspire to be with entertainers or athletes and they think it’s easy. You see all the perks but you don’t know what comes along with that. It’s stressful, it’s not a bed of roses, it’s not all happy. It’s a lot of pressure that comes along with it and you have to put up with a lot of stuff.

Not a lot of women can understand what comes along with being the fiancé of an entertainer. There are certain things that [entertainers do] that I would be very upset with, yet you grit your teeth and bare because of the aspect of his career.

I feel like I’m a regular girl.  I want the same thing that all of us want. A nice respectful man that loves you, treats you good, doesn’t cheat on you, come home at night that you can build a family with. I think that that’s the common thread that we as women all want. Then you fall in love with a person and they have this big life like Jayceon has and you have to adjust what you have in your mind and what you want for yourself.  You have to adjust that because of who they are and that’s been one of my major challenges.

Do you think that being on TV has had a negative impact on your relationship?

I would say it helped it. I definitely don’t think that it did anything negative, but I think that being able to see yourself outside of yourself, and really watch how you handle situations and how you react, is very helpful.

That’s awesome because you don’t hear that too often in reality TV.

A lot of the times, these shows will tear your family apart or tear your relationship apart.  I don’t really think that’s been the case for us. I have really been be able to look at our show and get a good retrospective thought process going on. Like, “Wow! That’s you?  You really went through that, you handled yourself well girl!’

Moving on to something a bit more sensitive… How difficult was it for you to give the ring back?

It was very difficult, because I want to be married. I didn’t give him the ring back because I don’t want to be with him or I don’t want to marry him. I just want our focuses to be the same.  I don’t want it to be about anything materialistic. I don’t want it to be about a wedding ring, I want it to be about the commitment the ring signifies. What it stands for.

How you gonna buy someone a 10k ring with a 2k commitment? You walking around with this big ol’ 10k ring on that you would think the person that gave it to you would make a commitment to be as big as the ring they gave you. Thats what we’ve been working on. Tryna get the size of the ring and commitment to match up. [Laughs]

Why do you believe he’s not ready to make a 10K commitment?

Because Jayceon is still young, and he is a rapper! They like to go out all of the time. They like to club all the time. They got women around them all the time. They can be disrespectful at times. There are just certain things that a husband should and shouldn’t do. If everybody follows him on Twitter and IG, I mean you can look at it and say to yourself, “Okay, if this is my husband would I want my husband to be doing this right here.”
When you’re somebodies husband you’re supposed to govern yourself accordingly, there are certain things that you just can’t do. We are just trying get him to that point.

Do you really feel as though [moving to Texas] really is a “plan B” or an ultimatum?
No, it’s not an ultimatum. I just think that for women we should always have a plan b. Have something to fall back on. Have your own job, have your own financial security, and have your own life. I think that’s very important for all women, married or not married. I think that Texas is, [that option for me.] If something were to happen, and we weren’t able to get it together, and I was to step out on my own, that would be a good option.

Will it be a happy ending for you guys?
You gotta watch and find out!

Hopefully, it’ll work out for the two. A lot of men don’t know what they’ve got until it’s gone.
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Interviewed by Vicky Valery.

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