Dirty Rotten Skoundrelz “Jordans Under Dickies” feat. Bun B

Fuse the aggressive nature of N.W.A, the lyrical ability of Outkast, the southern soul of UGK, the consciousness of Public Enemy, and the raw, uncut energy of Three Six Mafia, and you will have the underground’s greatest hip hop tandem. The Dirty Rotten Skoundrelz accosted the music scene with its debut in 2004. With an extensive mixtape discography, and an ever-growing independent street album catalogue, the group is poised for an industry takeover.

Members — Big Suave “The Mayor of Oak Cliff TX.,” and Don Claude, “The Pride of The Projects,” – are backed by cutting edge producers, The Anti-turrdz. The Anti-turrdz, C.G. of Manipulative Musicc, and D. Hall, of Mr. Nice Guy Productions, have taken the traditional Hip Hop principles of production and fused them with the futuristic sounds of the next phase of hardcore music, culminating in a sound that can only be described as revolutionary.

Big Suave “The Mayor of Oak-Cliff, Tx.” is a name that rings bells in multiple hip-hop circles, foreign and domestic. Suave adds the flare, charisma, and sometimes comic relief to the Dirty Rotten Skoundrelz conglomerate. This microphone veteran has made a career of asserting his verbal dominance over all who oppose his campaign. With DJ Chuck T and Noize Mob co-signs, as well over one-hundred mix-tape and feature appearances there’s no denying that Mayor Muzik is here to stay.

Don Claude, “The Pride of the Projects,” is the working definition of a “rapper’s rapper”. Seasoned, confident, and versatile, this lyrical over-achiever plays the role of enforcer within this high-powered duo. With the level of quality Young Don presents to his audience, any “projects” would be proud to have him as their representative.

Dirty Rotten Skoundrelz’s latest project Skoundrel Musik, is scheduled for release first quarter of 2014, which will feature the single, “Jordans Over Dickies” featuring the legendary Bun B of UGK. Other upcoming projects include Skoundrel Nation and Skoundrel Life.

The group’s discography includes Change Gon’ Come (2005) (as part of The Arsenal), School For Skoundrelz Vol.I and II,” (2006, 2007), Socially Irresponsible (2008), Zombieland (2010), and The Purge (2013). Affiliated artists include Pharoah Da Don, Earl Ray Da Ogre, LaShun Elle Hobbs, The Urban Advocate, and engineer, Silent Assassin. They are collectively known as Zu Nation.

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