Amber Rose and Machine Gun Kelly Are Dating ?

   Now what an interesting couple we have here. Amber Rose has seemed to find the white Wiz Khalifa replacement ! I thought they said once you go black you…..never mind.


  Amber Rose has been on a promo tour across the pond in London promoting her book “How To Be A Bad Bitch” , and her movie “Sister Code”, and is back in the states spotted holding hands with her new beau Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK.
   Three weeks ago Amber declared on IG that her estranged husband was her #mancrusheveryday, and how her life felt empty without him.
   Also the two spent the  Easter holiday egg hunting with their son Sebastian , but I guess the romantic relationship may have come to a close because Amber was also spotted leaning up on MGK in the airport.


   Wiz Khalifa and MGK have more in common then falling for the bald head hottie. The two rappers once collaborated on a song MGK’s mixtape  called “Mind of A Stoner” in 2013.
  .   Well the saga continues…..
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