Has Hip -Hop Sold The Use Of The “N” Bomb To Other Cultures?

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  Some say its an term of endearment  when an “a” is added , and others say it’s slang from the ” white man” used to oppress African- American culture , but what is fact in society the term “Nigga” or “Nigger” has been reserved and directed towards Black people .  Almost every rapper says nigga in their song, and even have the word in the title of their songs. As woman of color I think nothing of singing along to hit  songs like ” Niggas in Paris” by Jay-Z and Kanye West, ” My Nigga”  YG, and ” Hot Nigga”  by Bobby Schmurda without any hesitation.

     I don’t edit out the word “Nigga” I say it because I’m a Black,  female from the hood, and it’s natural. It’s what I grew up around.  But is it natural for Becky and Peter from the suburbs to repeat or edit the “N” bomb? Back in they day white people wouldn’t dare say the “N’ word in front of blacks( key words : IN FRONT OF)! Recently with the introduction of black culture to white America every Miley Cyrus wants a phatty to twerk,  Jordans to rock, while greeting their friends by saying ” Wassup Nigga”. Huh? When did this happen?

  Has rap has made it acceptable? I mean really do other cultures have a choose when it comes to popular, and the exposure to the word? Every black artist says it.  Even Rand B singers say nigga in their songs now. So are these artists saying ” White people it’s ok to say “Nigga” if you brought  album”.

paltrow-nip-tweet_mmxlii(Even she tried it)

   After giving the topic thought I have recently stopped listening to songs that encourage white people to say the word. “All day nigga” by Kanye West led me to that decision being as though white people love him more than ever. I remember being at the Watch the Throne concert , and cringing while he and Jay-Z played “Niggas in Paris” 12 times in front of a packed house of white people. School Boy Q and Meek Mill have even said at their concerts that they don’t mindt hat white people say the term, and Kanye West gave the stamo of approval for white people to say it when he performed “Gold Digger”.

    My personal opinion is that other cultures should respect the fact that the word  “Nigga” is for black folks to use  ONLY . If your not brown you ain’t down. Shoot! I barely like when Spanish people say it, but I grit my teeth and bare it. Now don’t get me wrong I think Black artist should be more accountable for uplifting their culture, and refraining from the consumption of the word. I also think that Black folks should leave the “Nigga Please” for when amongst ourselves and not other. But I be damned that some white kid can call me his or her “NIGGA”? Naw.


I understand how this happened. White people got comfy, and thought rather than them whispering they can say it a little louder because “hey they say it in the song”.  I mean out of all races white men are the top consumers of hip-hop music, and if you go to any rap concert all you see is a wave of white faces.

   Just because Bobby Schmurda choose to chuck and jive to his “hit” song “hot Nigga” does NOT give a white person the right to say it . Why you ask?  Say one day me and my good friend Becky take a wrong turn in Alabama , and our car breaks down. We go to call for help , but Becky’s phone is out of range for service, and my phone is dead. Then we see a large group of men in white hoods running towards the car screaming ” KILL THE NIGGER”! Who do you think they are trying to kill me or Becky? Rightttttt!


Recently a number of  famous white women were called out on social media for thinking it was sweet, and typing the 4 letter word “nigga”.  Lindsay Lohan recently tweeted a lyric from Kanye West’s song “All Day Nigga” will at his concert, prior to that Iggy Azalea tweets a photo of her , Drake, T.I. and a couple of other black men with the words ” My NIGGAS”, and Madonna even posted a pic of her son on Instagram with the caption ” Dis nigga”. Naw.


Lindsay and Madonna later on deleted the tweets, but Iggy defended her use of the racial slur. If someone has to defend the use of the word Iggy it means you shouldn’t use it (in public atleast).


Other cultures have become comfortable saying the word that was once forbidden, and many black people don’t mind. But for those blacks who don’t mind please remember at the end of the day  when you and Becky take that wrong turn who’s really the “nigga”?

Do you mind when other cultures say the “N” word?

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Written by @toots_santiago


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