5 Songs That We Are Ashamed To Admit We Listen To!

# 1 Young Thug- “Check”

Now there are way too many things wrong with this song and video. First thing Young Thug talks about putting that “crack in his crack”, and he is rocking a women’s Hooter’s tank top in the video. With that said I still faux with this song for some reason especially on Fridays when I get paid.



# 2 Chedda Da Connect- ” Flick Of The Wrist”

Now I only really like this song for one part, and that’s when he says “OOOHH”. Otherwise well all know this song is garbage,but when the Henny takes a hold of you that wrist starts to flick on beat when the dj starts to spin this hood favorite.



# 3 Ice JJ Fish- No Topping You

Now let me explain . The man  can’t hold a note to save his or his grandma life, BUT you have to admit the dude’s can write a song that gets stuck in your head for dayssssssss.  Plus he really thinks he can sing. It aint no topping you JJ Fish.



#4 Shy-Glizzy -Awwsome

I don’t think I need to explain why I would be ashamed to admit I like this song, but I probably have some explaining to do as to why I like this song.  It’s pure comedy. This dude really thinks he’s awesome, and after a few drinks sh#t I’m awesome too.




#5 Mike WiLL Made-It – 23 (Explicit) ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J

With Miley Cyrus transforming into Bon-que-que over night it was easy not to like her, BUT I must say that the ratchet in me likes this song. Who doesn’t like a fresh pair of Jays, and a Mike Will Made It beat? Answer: NO ONE!

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