Are Father’s Responsible For Their Baby Mama Drama? How to Stay Sucka Free Fellas!


              Chris Brown with his beautiful daughter Royalty Brown.



After reading an article about Chris Brown’s baby mom wanting $15,000 a month instead of her usual $2,500 it got me thinking. “Is having a baby like hitting the lotto”? As a 27 year old woman without any children I understand that having a baby would knock my finances out of the ring like Floyd Money Mayweather , and that I would have to make many sacrifices. But would I need $15,000 a month for a child who can’t tie her shoes yet? No. Now I have no clue how Nia ,the mother of Chris’s daughter Royalty is living or what kind of situation she is in , but it just seems a bit much. Prior to witnessing my best friend go through a nasty custody battle I never much cared about family court, and how they dealt men an bad hand until I saw how the judicial system could give two f#cks about the father. I know many men who are great fathers to their children, and support them mentally and financially, but are treated like they are guests on a Maury ” Are you the father” episode. Why?

Biased,bitter judges who view men  (black men especially) as the “deadbeats” that some of these mother paint them may influence their decisions when deciding who should get full custody, and who should pay big faced hunnits. It seems like it doesn’t matter if the father of the child is President Obama, you are not getting full custody (unless your Ludacris and have the money to back it up), and you are going to pay like your at Onyx strip club making it rain. When men take their baby moms to court , no matter how much of a low life mom she may be, the father is viewed as spiteful, cheap,doesn’t want to pay child support,  or just trying to get back at the mother. Why?

Why can’t we fathom the thought that men want to take care of their children , and be an motivating force in their lives on a daily basis even if their not still in a relationship with the mother?

I personally think that judges do exactly what their professional title states “judge” men and women as soon as they set their eyes on the two. Judges don;t make ethical by the book judgements, but they use their own opinions, and judgement of character that they can gather within the first 5mins of litigation.  Family judges feel no sympathy for men, and women  when they meet who some of these people have chosen to procreate with.  Judges  could really care less about men who choose horrible mothers to impregnate because as a man they are viewed as the logical ones, and are supposed to be the captain of the ship. But when the ship sinks the captain sinks with it, so be prepared for a hell of a fight when it comes to the best interest of an child. The best interests of the child turns into the most convenience of the one with the best lawyer or game.

In order to change the outcome of the “I hate my baby mama” chronicles fathers need to change the way they pick the women they impregnate. It sounds so easy to say and hard to do , but it makes the most sense. If as a man you  don’t see yourself being with the woman you are currently having sex with longer than 2 months why deal with her? Bored, play Xbox. Horny, type in the browser, it’s free. Drunk, tell the Henny to STFU!  Do anything within your powers to keep yourself from dealing with a woman that you know you wouldn’t want to bring around your family on purpose ( not the late night bathroom run in with your mom by accident).

Remember strippers belong in the strip clubs not your family portraits . Hoodrats  belong in section 8 housing not your apartment. Now I’m not going to bash my fellow female peers because SOME  men (like women)  are truly fucked up, and make some good women revert  to becoming an bitter bish, but that does not give the excuse for a man to have hoe tendencies. By hoe tendencies I mean you have very low standards, and grasp at any  opportunity for an ounce of attention from the opposite sex. A man with hoe tendencies doesn’t care about his future , but lives ONLY in the moment.

Do better for yourself, and think about the consequences ( I know it’s hard to do as a man). Don’t have sex with women you can’t hold a  conversation with unless you want the lawyers to do the talking for you 9 months later. Don’t DM that chick your “mans”smashed awhile back just keep scrolling . Go home when the club closes, and avoid the barefoot straggler holding her $10 heels in her hand while standing  on corner wearing a  crop top  shirt , and matching mini skirt with  no panties on underneath at 2am.  It’s hard (literally),but you 10 years from now will thank you for it.


Now that you know that at the end of the day if you don’t take the necessary precautions no matter how many daddy daycare outings you go on, and post on Instagram you will end up paying for your baby’s future, and your baby mama’s outfit to see Future, the rapper at King Of Diamonds gentleman’s club what will you do? Because at the end of the day when you are saying ” I hate that bish” well my dude YOU choose her, and YOU sealed the deal with your DNA.

So………… Do  Better!


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