Chris Brown Celebrates His Birthday And Shouts Out His Ex Karrueche Tran and Baby Royalty

chris brown

Chris Brown has been celebrating his birthday the only way he knows in the club surrounded by ladies, and bottles of liquor, but since he has had a baby girl now he is turning a new leaf and appreciating what matters in life. Family.  Via Instagram (of course ) Chris Brown uploaded a heartfelt shout out to his 3 favorite ladies. Mama Joyce, Baby Royalty, and his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

If you did not know Karrueche Tran left Chris Brown after learning with the rest of us that HE IS THE FATHER (Maury voice)  of baby Royalty, and he conceived the baby while she and Chris were together.  Royalty mother is a woman named Nia, and knows both Chris and Karrueche . As a matter of fact Nia , and Miss Tran used to party together.  On top of that Nia was married at the time to someone else when she got pregnant with Chris’s baby, and also had another man thinking that baby Royalty was his instead of Breezy.

Breezy kept baby Roaylty as secret and offered Nia a chunk of money to keep her mouth shut, but Nia leaked it to the press and all hell broke loose.

After learning the shocking news Karrueche left him, and now we are here.

So since Karrueche ‘s 27th birthday is coming up Chris sent her a shout out,

“Thx for making my bday a special.. All my friends family etc.. #taurus season.. I have three special ladies celebrating this month. Mother’s Day for momma. May 17th miss you know who. And May 27 is my baby #Royalty be humble and learn that it doesn’t take effort to love! We create our own outcome and destiny in life. My paths has been a very blessed 26 years on this planet and I’m still learning. I can only be the best I can be. Sorry enough wit the rants! Love y’all! Thank god! I’m grateful and so thankful”

On another note Chris Brown amongst other stars are booked to pay tribute to Micheal Jackson on The American Idol Finale set to air on Fox next Tuesday and Wednesday at 8PM.

So what do you think of daddy Breezy.

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